German to English translation

Following excellent German results at school I elected to study German as part of my BA at the University of Durham. The degree course included modules in German language, translation and interpreting as well as cultural modules in German history and literature. During my degree I spent three months working in Konstanz on the Germany-Switzerland border. This afforded me the opportunity to appreciate the differences between Hochdeutsch (standard German), the Baden-Württemberg dialect and Swiss German.

After completing my PGCE I used my German skills daily teaching German in a UK secondary school. After four years I became Second in Department with responsibility for A-level languages. Whilst teaching I had the desire to continue my own education and consequently embarked upon my MA in Translation where I took a specialised module in technical writing with a focus on creating comprehensible texts for specific target audiences.

I have also had the opportunity to travel throughout Germany, Switzerland and Austria. I have spent time in Berlin, Munich, Stuttgart, Berchtesgaden, Bremen, Freiburg, Vienna, Salzburg, Grindelwald and Zurich amongst other places. Spending time in German-speaking countries allows me the opportunity to keep my German to English translation skills fresh and relevant.

How does this benefit you?

You can be confident that your translations are being produced by a professionally qualified translator with years of translation training and a high level of linguistic expertise and cultural awareness.

German to English translation

Konstanz, Bodensee, Germany

German to English translation

Königssee, Berchstesgaden, Germany